Yoga for Peace
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Yoga for Peace supports the following charities:

an international charity that supports women affected by war. They run a programme that helps women to be self sufficient so that they can support themselves. In many cases the women go on to be local entrepreneurs. By supporting women the children are also supported.
Women for Women Logo
Child Victims of War:
is a Bristol based charity that provides information about the impact of war on children in countries where the west is militarily active. In addition, Child Victims of War supports programmes for women, predominantly in Afghanistan, to help themselves.
Child Victims of War Logo
Freedom from Torture:
is a British charity that provides support, counselling & rehabilitation for people who have experienced torture &/or public violence. Their programmes are wide ranging & prove to be very successful in enabling people to integrate into society again & to find self worth.
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Please note: Yoga for Peace are no longer raising funds for the charity 'Child Victims of War' as sadly this charity is no longer operational. All funds received in 2017 will be split evenly between 'Women for Women International' and 'Freedom from Torture.'
In 2014 Supporters of Yoga for Peace requested that we support our brothers & sisters in Palestine & so the first £100 went to the Palestine Emergency Appeal